Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you with your goal to take care of your health and wellness. I look forward to working together and exploring how our bodywork and massage sessions can enhance your current lifestyle.


✔ Therapeutic and Affordable!

✔ Massage Time Begins on the Table


We offer a wide range of Massage services, but here are some of our unique specialities.

We assist you in evaluating your lifestyle and how you and we can work together to improve your health and wellness. We will put together sessions that are specific to your personal needs for a healthier body, mind and spirit.


If you are looking for help with an injury and in need of:

Sports Massage, we can help you work through the injuries of over worked muscles while you continue your active lifestyle. If you are having back pain due to tight muscles or stress we can help alleviate those pains with Deep Tissue Massage

Maybe your back pain is not from stress but a lack of oxygen and blood flow as well as lactic acid build up to a specific muscular area.  We would recommend trying the Neuromuscular Massage  (Trigger Point) we can help you release the tension and tender points and get the blood flowing to those areas again. Painful Trigger points can cause the back muscle to spasm and cause back pain. 

Maybe you just want a Relaxing Massage for the day to just take it easy. We can take care of this for you with an Aromatherapy Massage using therapeutic Essential oils such as  Lavender and Sweet Orange.   Aromatherapy oils and warm towels are free with each massage session. Essential oils and warm towels will relax your body, mind and spirit  

As your Massage Therapists, We are here to help you with any discomfort your body may be feeling. Massage therapy and bodywork is a natural way to work through pain without taking medication. 

All treatments can be done at the home as well as the office. For the clients that have children or work until the evening we are available for home visits after 6:00 p.m.

Having many years of experience as Massage Therapists we have learned that each client is unique. Each person has a different need for massage therapy, depending on their body type and lifestyle.  We all have some stress in our life and deal with it differently. This is why sessions are specifically designed to address your needs.


Being pregnant and a physician who was on my feet all day, I was suffering from lower back pain and exhaustion, Phyllis had an amazing way of relieving my back pain and also taking away my stress during a challenging period in my life. My weekly massages were something that I looked forward to immensely and always left feeling relaxed and refreshed. Whether pregnant or not, I would highly recommend Phyllis to anyone who needs stress-relief, pain-relief and a calmer state of being. Phyllis' holistic healing touch is truly transforming.

- Kristie